General News Sat, 5 Mar 2005

Weather Forecast

Meteo releases weather forecast

Accra, March 05, GNA - The weather is expected to be fairly hot and humid at daytime and also to remain warm at night except the forest zone, which is expected to become cool with mist and fog patches in the morning. Few cases of slight rain showers or thunderstorm are however, expected to develop over the southern high grounds in the afternoon and evening.

Fresh upsurge of dry harmattan will intensify leading to the dry, hot and hazy conditions and poor visibility over Northern Ghana during the forecast period.

Maximum and Minimum temperatures in Degree Celsius over the period are: Coastal Areas, between 33 and 24, Forest and Mountainous Areas 35 and 23, and Northern Ghana between 37 and 27. March 05 05

Source: GNA