When I first met Ebony, she told me of 3 prophecies haunting her - Bullet reveals

Ebony Reigns Dancehall artiste, Ebony Reigns died in a gory accident

Tue, 13 Feb 2018 Source: mynewsgh.com

It appears the cloud of prophecies flying around the head of the late Ebony Reigns will not end anytime soon.

17-year-old Ebony and the Prophetess

Her manager, Bullet has stated that on the first day he met Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng, whom he named Ebony after signing her, she had told him, fearfully, about a prophecy she received when she was 17, and meeting him (Bullet of Ruff and Smooth), which was part of the prophesy she received, made her fearful.

Speaking to Abeiku Santana on Okay FM this evening, Bullet revealed Ebony confided in him that a Prophetess she encountered at a prayer meeting (at Mamfe where she attended Secondary School before she dropped out) told her “My daughter, you will become a very big star, but you will die at your peak”, the prophetess told Ebony in Twi.

The Prophetess then asked 17-year-old Ebony whether she knew Ruff and Smooth, the ‘swagger’ musicians, to which Ebony responded in the affirmative, adding that she even liked their songs.

The prophetess then told her one of the two musicians will meet her, and through him, her life will change. So when Ebony met a friend who told her he could link her up to a showbiz guru who could help her, Ebony wasn’t waiting to see who it was- it turned out to be him Bullet of Ruff and Smooth fame, and who without any reservations proceeded to simply make her big.


Bullet said he was taken aback by the revelation, but expressed disappointment that in their search for help, he didn’t remember to ask Ebony to try and locate the said Prophetess. But that was not all.

Enter Sarkodie’s name

Bullet said the Prophetess told Ebony she will be so big that Sarkodie will contact her for a collaboration, but unfortunately for her, she (Ebony) will die at the peak of her stardom- a time when the bigger world would-be ready to receive her with open hands.

Bullet, speaking solemnly to Abeiku Santana on Okay FM stated because of how important that information was, he called witnesses, including Ebony’s best friend whom he said was called Muna- apparently, Muna knew about it already- to witness the incident.

Bullet said he also frequently alluded to the Prophesy whenever Ebony was refusing to take follow advice on her movements, as a result of which other people working for the record label got to know about it, including their recent signing Brella who she featured on her hit track Hustle.

Spiritual Solutions

He explained that because some of the prophesies the old Prophetess gave Ebony had come to pass- including meeting him, they started visiting pastors and men of God for prayers and direction as Ebony herself did a lot of philanthropy and personal prayers.

Bullet further revealed that Ebony received a collaboration invitation from Sarkodie early this year, leading to further apprehension in their camp.

The very intelligent artiste manager, who impressed listeners with his eloquence, level-headed, composure and balance said he believed “whatever will happen was bound to happen, as a child who will die will die whether they take the child to Korlebu or the Pope”, but he was emphatic his team did everything possible to save their Queen.

Okay FM had to cancel their evening news to allow the interview to continue.

Source: mynewsgh.com
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