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Why Duke Labik Amanquandor believes it’s difficult to plan anything in Ghana

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Fri, 31 Mar 2023 Source:

Young men and women who don't have the means to cater for a child are expected to plan their lives and ensure that there is enough money to cushion them when growing their family.

When it comes to childbirth, a section of Ghanaians fail to plan this part of their lives and, in some cases, end up with multiple children despite their financial problems.

Duke Thomas Labik Amanquandor, an author and Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Oslo, has posited that nothing comes easy, especially when you want to plan your life in Ghana.

Speaking on 'Moans & Cuddles' with Paula Amma Broni on GhanaWeb TV, Duke, narrated how "almost everything is based on contingency" as a result of the circumstances that can get in the way of one's plan.

"Let's face the fact, it is very difficult to plan in Ghana. It is not like people don't want to plan or are just careless. It is just difficult to plan anything in Ghana.

"People plan their education and university lectures go on strike and all of a sudden, your plan is thrown ajar...we live in a country where almost everything is based on contingency," he said.

Duke Labik, the author of an upcoming historic fiction novel 'The Half Moon', explained how important it is to have a life plan despite all the things that fight against an individual.

"You can't even plan a trip that will take 1 hour as you'll end up spending 3 hours. That is the fact of this life in this country...that doesn't mean you should not plan. It should inculcate these inconsistencies.

"It is important to plan and at the same time, we don't want to discourage the youth," he added.

In this latest episode of Moan & Cuddles, Paula Amma Broni and her guests discuss how best couples can handle childlessness in their marriage as well as plan for an unexpected pregnancy.

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