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Why I quit Sakawa – Ghana’s millionaire Sakawa Kingpin Abusua speaks

The founder and leader of a notorious social media occult group ‘Blood Money Family’ (BMF) known in local parlance as Sakawa, Kofi Amoateng popularly called Abusua has finally revealed why he quit the group .

In his account, he left the group because his bosses in Nigeria were demanding for human parts from him and other members.

According to him, though he loved the juicy contract associated with the group, he did not want people’s blood to be on his hands adding that he could not have afforded to kill a soul for money rituals.

The notorious fraudster explained that he’s a generational thinker and did not want a curse on his generation yet unborn adding that he did not want to rot in jail for killing innocent people though the money was good.

The ‘Sakawa’ kingpin who is a big time fraudster used to dupe foreigners with their credit cards but later established the fraud group called ‘Blood Money Family’ in 2006-2007 on social media (Hi 5) where he signed on quite a number of youth who yearned to get money overnight through dubious means from Cape Coast, Accra, Takoradi, Koforidua etc.

Making the confession, he said this was after he was introduced by one occult Nigerian called Larry who made him the boss of Ghana for the group where he lured most of the youth into the occultism.

Abusua recounted that the group had gained grounds in 2010 where they had planned to meet all members for initiation and launching when his bosses placed the demand for the human parts.

Making the confession on Vision 1 monitored by MyNewsGh.com, Abusua explained, ’My occult boss in Nigeria requested for human parts from me and other members, but I told him I couldn’t tell the members to bring human parts because I’m a generational thinker and didn’t want a curse to be on my generation. He got angry and for months I didn’t hear from him again’.

The popular ‘Sakawa’ King said his senior occults in Nigeria turned against him when he refused to provide human parts adding that they hired a different gang to do their bidding where he was harassed on daily basis.

Abusua who lived a luxurious lifestyle recalled that he had to move from his mansion into a single room apartment because the attacks were becoming scary.

‘In 2011, police started harassing me on roads, I was driving a white range over, the occult group was snitching me every day, they wanted me to agree to their terms. I used my own brain to buy the car not their money so I didn’t agree with them. I changed my phone number, but they had the number and were sending me messages ‘Abusua we go disgrace you, Abusua we go bring you down, you can’t turn down our offer’. The attack was becoming scary.

According to him, the new gang were using his pictures to chat unsuspecting girls in some parts of the country.

‘They had a different squad who were working for them, so the new guys were using my pictures to chat girls in Kumasi, Cape coast, Accra, Takoradi and Abroad. I was very popular so they could tell a woman that they had run out of fuel and needed GHC2,000 and they will get it, all these things I had no idea. Some people even reported me to the police for taking their monies through WhatsApp chats,’ he stressed in the Vision 1 interview monitored by MyNewsGh.com.

Source: mynewsgh.com