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Why McBrown chooses the brands to work with, charges for deals despite 'husband manager'

Ghanaian actress and TV host Nana Ama McBrown

Wed, 23 Aug 2023 Source:

Nana Ama McBrown has stated that she doesn’t entertain much interference from her husband, with regards to certain aspects of her work.

She said although she consults her husband who doubles as her manager, she determines the kind of contracts to sign, brands to work with, the payment terms, and so on.

Addressing students of the KNUST on marriage and career management, McBrown said making these decisions alone does not make her a pompous or disrespectful wife.

She said she personally charges for business deals based on the fact that most of them require a lot of commitment and come with stress.

McBrown said because she does the work, she feels the pain of being stressed out by the companies more.

“My husband is the head of the family and I don’t make decisions without him, but I also determine what to work with. I reject certain contracts. This whole thing is different from marriage. It is my career. I differentiate work from family life. I speak to my husband about work and we make certain decisions together but I select the brands I work with.

“If a company brings an offer to the table for me to become a brand ambassador, and I tell my husband we should take one cedi, even when he takes 99.9, I won’t go through with the offer. It’s different from being a husband because at that time, he is representing as a manager. I tell him with the stress involved and I won’t settle for less because I am the one doing the work. When I do that, I don’t insult his intelligence or disrespect him.


McBrown also established that although marriage is a good thing, it is important for women to be self-made before venturing into it.

She said the best decision she ever made was to make a name for herself before heading into marriage.

“Don’t make marriage your first call. I have been with my husband for twelve years and I’ll say that before I met him, I was very mature. One of the things that got me comfortable is that I found myself before I met my husband. I was a woman of my own. I got my first house before I married, so it is safe to say I didn’t need a man,” she stated.

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