Why money bouquets, hampers are illegal in Ghana

Money Bouquets Money bouquets

Fri, 31 Mar 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Is the business of money bouquets defamation of banknotes?

With the advent of creativity and innovation, a bouquet known to be a bunch of flowers is being replicated by money in recent times. Instead of receiving flowers as gifts, people are wrapping cash in the shape of flowers to celebrate their friends and loved ones.

This trend has become more prevalent as the showcasing of gifts on social media is becoming a thing of the day.

But does this act respect the code and ethics regarding the handling of money in Ghana? Even though some of the money patterns do not deface the notes, others are twisted in a round shape to depict roses or flowers.

Some are also glued with sellotape and sticks and wrapped just like flowers. Meanwhile, according to the code and ethics for handling money, cash notes are not supposed to be folded repeatedly, especially for decoration.

Also, money must not be crumbled purposely or stapled in any form. It is not known if the patrons of these bouquets know the effects of handling money in the way they do.

The Bank of Ghana has since affirmed that the usage of banknotes for decoration or money bouquets is outrightly illegal.

The Director of the Currency Department at the central bank, Mr. Dominic Owusu, told journalists: “In recent times, you see people using the currency for bouquets and then sometimes when they want to do presentations, they use the currency to do designs in baskets, hampers. It is against the Bank of Ghana policy.”

According to him, “Currency Act 64 talks about using coins which for now are banknotes for things either than that purpose for which the currency act was issued.”

“Desist from such acts, it is not in line with the policy so you must stop it. If you want to give a present, go and buy gifts. Don’t go and buy bouquets and do it,” he cautioned.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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