‘Winner takes all’ is a threat to Ghana’s development – Dr. Akwetey

Dr Emmanuel Akwetey IDEG Executive Director of IDEG, Dr. Emmanuel Akwetey

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 Source: 3news.com

Executive director of the Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG) Dr. Emmanuel Akwetey, has condemned the practice of the ‘Winner Takes All’ system of governance in the country.

Continuity of such governance practice, he observed, is a threat to the country’s democracy as it will not help Ghana to get to the heights of its development.

The ‘winner takes all’ is the practice in Ghana where all public or official posts are given to members of a party that wins an election. Many Ghanaians have condemned the practice and called for an end to the system, so that posts would be given to deserving non-party members who can better promote the national interest.

Speaking on the matter, Dr Akwetey said governance is a continue process of strengthening developmental policies, hence a change of government should not necessarily affect public officials who are already championing development at the various institutions.

Dr. Akwetey said this when he addressed a seminar organized by IDEG, which is advocates a multi-party local government reform. This is in line with President Akufo-Addo’s decision to have MMDCE’s elected on political party tickets, and the aspiration of political parties to pursue and sustain accelerated and transformational development in the long term.

A senior research fellow for IDEG, Mr. Kwasi Jonah, said that election of the MMDCE’s will enhance and accelerate development at the local level and compel them to be accountable to the districts and the municipalities.

Meanwhile, IDEG has recommended the formation of Multi-Party Democracy Commission(MDC) to oversee the performance of MMDCEs to be elected.

Source: 3news.com