Woman disfigured in tragic accident begs for financial aid to undergo surgery

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Fri, 4 Sep 2020 Source: Selorm, Helen, Contributor

Madam Peace Negble Adzaho left her home in Teshie on August 29, 2015 to Teacher Mantey, a small town lying between Nsawam and Suhum. As a businesswoman who traded in corn, she goes on this trip on regular basis. What was meant to be one of such fruitful business trips turned out tragic.

She became a victim of a horrific accident when the vehicle in which she was travelling knocked down a pedestrian. The commercial car flipped over leaving occupants severely wounded, some beyond recognition.

The accident on that day has maimed madam Peace and rendered her disabled. Her face is disfigured and part of the lower side of her body, arms and shoulder, badly scarred.

Five years after this tragic accident, she is seeking financial assistance to correct her deformity.

The 59-year-old tells freelance journalist and vlogger, Selorm Helen that she has difficulty eating and thus, has to swallow every food, including fish.

According to her, the pain becomes unbearable whenever she tries to open her mouth to eat or talk.

She said, “I fear to eat and I don’t eat in public because I have to raise my head before I put food in my mouth. It hurts and makes me shy in the midst of others,”

Prior to this interaction, she used to sell roasted plantain (Kofi Brokeman) across the street at Sankara in Teshie to support her family as her husband cannot engage in any financial activity due to his age and strength.

She has, however, stopped this trade because of the heat flashes from the charcoal fire she uses for the roasting.

“I have stopped the plantain business too. The fire is too much for me and I feel pains in arms because the wounds are coming back. That was where I got small money to feed myself and take care of other things in the house,” she said.

“I have children but they don’t have any better job to cater for my medical needs. My husband is old too and can’t do anything to bring money home,” she added.

Daughter of the victim also wept over the current financial crisis in their home and difficulties they are encountering with the insurance company responsible for compensating her mum.

To help Madam Peace Negble Adzaho, please get in touch with the writer via email: selormhelen25@gmail.com, +233240791289

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Source: Selorm, Helen, Contributor
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