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‘Women of Valour’ is a platform to inspire women – Nana Aba Anamoah

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Thu, 9 Feb 2023 Source:

Media personality, Nana Aba Anamoah, during the launching of her project ‘Women of Valour’, has revealed to the public her reason for the project.

According to Nana Aba, she established such a platform to create an avenue where women can receive inspiration from their fellow women.

On February 7, 2023, Nana Aba Anamoah launched her new project ‘Women of Valour’ and as the name goes, it is purposely meant for women.

The launch saw a number of women grace the occasion to show their support to her.

During the launch, she revealed how the project came about and how it’s going to be of benefit to women.

She told her audience that, Women of Valour has been in her mind for about 10 years but she was just waiting for the right time to make it a reality.

She added that, anytime it is International Women’s Day, she’s triggered to reveal the project to the public but ends up procrastinating it.

She said “People who know me truly truly well know that I am a big fan of procrastination. I love to procrastinate not because I am lazy it’s because I like to think and think and think through an idea before I move it from paper to reality.

“In December I went on leave because I need a break and in the middle of one night I received an epiphany and I just knew that this is it, 2023 I need to roll out Women of Valour and the moment I got that epiphany I knew there is no turning back because I always want to see something. I want feel something and I guess sometimes it’s a way God speaks to me,” she explained.

From her point of view, women are inspired by each other and there are times she also takes inspiration from someone who has been in her shoes or is going through the same thing she is so there is a need for such a platform to enhance such an objective.

“I cannot begin to tell you the number of times that I have been inspired at the very least of my moment, a woman’s story. Because I love to read, I take so much inspiration from a number of women who have been through episodes that I have experience. Sometimes I run into young women who are properly in similar situation or maybe less but my unwarranted advice has inspired so I thought why don’t I do it on a bigger platform,” she concluded.

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