Work hard to ensure victory - Nduom

Mon, 24 Mar 2008 Source: GNA

Cape Coast, March 24, GNA- The Flagbearer of the Convention People's Party (CPP), Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom, on Monday called on the functionaries and supporters of the CPP to remain commitment and resolute and work towards the party winning the December election. He said, the CPP was a reformed party and the time had come for its members to effectively market the "new CPP" to the Ghanaian public who are yearning for a change in their living conditions particularly their pockets.

Dr. Nduom, who said this at a rally organized by the Cape Coast constituency of the CPP in Cape Coast, urged Ghanaians to critically analyze their living conditions and vote for the CPP which is ready to improve upon their conditions.

He said the CPP was a "brand new party" which has the welfare of Ghanaians at heart and that, the NDC and NPP have served Ghanaians enough and should therefore give the CPP the chance to give Ghanaians the change they are yearning for and that, they should place their hopes and aspirations on the CPP for a better Ghana.

"If you vote the CPP into power, you would actually feel the change in your lives and pockets," he added

Dr Nduom said as an individual, he has created more than 500 jobs in the hotel business, security and banking system and urged the electorate to challenge the various flag bearers to lay bear their achievements when they attend rallies to enable them to select rightful person to rule the country.

The Flag bearer said, he performed creditably when he was a Minister in President Kufuor's administration and promised that he work harder when made the President of Ghana, adding that, if the youth wanted to be out of their current unemployment situation, they should vote for the CPP which is the "work Master" to create the necessary jobs for them.

Touching on premix fuel situation in the country, he said it was unfortunate that the government after signing documents to allow fishermen themselves to manage the product themselves, it has rather now taken over it management, making it difficult for the fishermen. He said when he becomes President he would change the situation and give fishermen the power to manage the fuel themselves instead of politicizing it and also expressed concern about the way fishing trawlers were still allowed to move close to the landing bays, thereby destroying fishing nets and stressed that the practice must be stopped.

Dr. Nduom said despite the fact that the country needed a change, CPP supporters should not engage in politics of insults, violence and confusion, but should endeavour to vote wisely during the elections. Mr. Harry Mensah, Cape Coast constituency chairman in his welcoming address, said the CPP was "back to life" with a dynamic leader and urged all to rally their support behind him to enable him to win the election. He said times were difficult for all Ghanaians and that, CPP if voted into power would initiate moves for a drastic change in the living conditions of all.

Alhaji Baako, a CPP activist, called for unity among all the supporters of the party and urged those who left the party at the time it was "dead" to endeavour to return and join the new CPP. He promised that SOYAYA club would be formed in all the Zongo communities in the country to canvas for more votes for the party. 24 March 08

Source: GNA