Work with university structures – UG management to student with special needs

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Fri, 25 Nov 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

The administration of Ghana's premier university, University of Ghana has urged students with special needs to use the reach out to management when encountering obstacles or finding solutions to same.

This follows calls from students with special needs to the school's administration to boost the number of accommodations on campus.

They argues that finding housing has been a significant difficulty for them as students, and that their circumstances as students with special needs have made it even more difficult.

Dr. Wiafe Akenteng, the head of halls at the University of Ghana, responded to the cries of the student body by reassuring the students that administration had put aggressive steps in place to address some of the housing issues that students are currently encountering over the next year or two.

“We will not be able to give every one of them at least for now. With time, the current administration, the VC and senior management is putting in place a lot of measures to ensure that within a year or two a number of bed space would come out and if those things are available, I’m sure everybody would be sorted. So, for now my appeal is that let's all make a little sacrifice.”

He also urged the students to address their problems or difficulties by channeling them via the appropriate structures, as he made mention of an instance in which part of the student body traveled outside the boundaries of the university to meet with ministers to voice complaints about housing shortages on campus.

“I want to make an appeal to our daughters and sons special need students; the University has structures that we need to work with and so once it is their own department and the hall and all that, I will like to appeal to them strongly to make use of those structures."

Benjamin Mellish Agyarpong, the president of the students said he has received multiple complaints about the accommodation issues he has been dealing with during his time as the leader.

“All of us want to be very comfortable, so that we can have a serene atmosphere to go about our studies, but as at now we don’t have sufficient infrastructure, in terms of accommodation to ensure that every student gets a bed, I am therefore calling on management to come to our aid,” he said.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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