World Cup 2022: Injured Kim Min-jae failed to train ahead of Ghana clash

6813718 998492 1255.webp Kim Min-jae got injured in the match against Uruguay

Mon, 28 Nov 2022 Source: footballghana.com

Kim Min-jae was unable to train with his teammates due to the injury he suffered against Uruguay.

Kim did not attend national team training in the Doha Al-Egga training facility in Qatar on November 25th.

The South Korean World Cup squad, led by Paulo Bento, was held to a goalless draw against Uruguay on November 24th.

However, there were fears that Min-jae Kim had been injured. In the second half against Uruguay, Kim Min-jae fell on his ankles while attempting to stop Nujidas, who had slid to the left side. Later, he collapsed on the ground and begged for agony.

Fortunately, he returned to the ground, but fell and hurt his right calf. Eventually, Kim Min-jae was absent from training on the 25th. "The injury is not very serious," said a national team official.

There is no player to replace Kim Min-jae in South Korea's back four. Kim Min-jae's fast feet and high delivery, solid defense, passing, and build-ups will be highly missed against the Black Stars of Ghana.

Source: footballghana.com
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