You are all a bunch of hypocrites, shameless cowards – A Plus fires soldiers who stormed Dome Faase

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Sat, 29 Aug 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Musician and activist, Kwame Asare Obeng, has described as cowardly and hypocritical the heavy deployment of police and military officers to Dome Faase near Obom in the Greater Accra Region, over the assault of two military officers during a land dispute in the area on Tuesday, August 26.

While condemning the assault on the officers, A Plus said the security services by virtue of the heavy deployment of men in the wake of the incident shows the security agencies have lost focus in executing their duties.

He said there have been incidents of political hoodlums going as far as threatening uniformed officers in the exhibition of their notoriety, something the security agencies have been silent about but have found it necessary to terrorise a community filled with women and children.

“In this country nobody wants to speak the truth. I condemn the assault on the military officers. It was the same way Major Maxwell Mahama was lynched so it is very wrong and I condemn it.

“For the soldiers who went to the village causing the residents to run out of town out of fear, you haven’t done anything worthy. Ghana Police, Ghana Military you are disgraceful. The remaining officers who are in good standing need to start redeeming the image of the military and the police,” he lashed out in a live video on Facebook.

Citing an incident reported in the Ashanti Region during the recent voters registration exercise, A Plus lamented how security officers have almost become helpless when it comes to dealing with political hoodlums who flout the law.

“You were there during the recent registration exercise when a civilian pointed a gun at police and military officers and the stood there without doing anything. It is not even up to a month. Ghana Army, Ghana Police you were in this country when a civilian pointed a gun at your officers. You couldn’t do anything about it just because the person is a party foot soldier; you were scared of him. Now you hear some villagers have beaten up your people and you go beating them up causing the villagers to run away,” he said.

He furiously challenged the military and the police to go after political hoodlums who break the law, stating that the perpetrators cut across both the ruling party and the opposition.

“Ghana Army and Ghana Police if you have power in this country, party foot soldiers are the ones you should be attacking because they break (and) they take the law into their own hands and they misbehave. It is not only the NPP. When NDC is in power, it is the same thing...You have been disgraced and if nobody is going to say it I will say it. Because there are some good ones in the military who don’t like the way things are going,” he stated.

He warned that activities of political thugs engaging in criminal activities is going to be on the increase heading into the December polls. The outspoken A Plus urged the security agencies to start clamping down on them and redeem their image and constitutional mandate.

On Tuesday, August 26, 2020, some residents of Dome Faase near Obom in the Greater Accra Region were accused of assaulting two soldiers over a land dispute.

Two guns belonging to the officers were said to have been seized by the residents in the process.

Following the incident, over 300 military and police personnel were deployed to the area to restore order.

However, the deployment resulted in widespread fear which caused most of the residents to flee the area. Reports indicate some of the residents who remained were subjected to beatings by the officers.

Watch A Plus speak in his Facebook live video below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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