You are deformed if you are 'gay' - Oquaye to homosexuals

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Sat, 12 May 2018 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Ghana’s Speaker of Parliament, Professor Aaron Mike Oquaye, has maintained that homosexuality is a form of deformity, which when given special attention, can be ‘cured’.

The academician, who has threatened to give up his job as head of the legislature should Parliament consider any attempt to legalize homosexuality, explained that deformity comes in many forms hence persons identified as homosexuals should seek the right medication.

According to him, mental deficiency, physical deficiency, psychological deficiency, are human limitations which cannot turned into a human right of which homosexuals in anti-gay nations are fighting for its legalization.

“I wouldn’t dispute that because deformity takes many forms- It can be mental deficiency, physical deficiency, psychological deficiency, whatever deficiency.” Prof Mike Oquaye said on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana.

To the Speaker, “Very often we are lucky if we do not have deficiency in one glaring form or the other and that’s why I say if a person is found to be deficient, it cannot turn into a human right. Because psychotic inclinations are a deficiency, paedophile inclinations are a deficiency, kleptomaniac inclinations are a deficiency. And in fact, there are people who are like that. A person if all is well, why should he be a paedophile?”

Prof Oquaye urged that persons who find themselves in this category should not treat the immoral act as a natural phenomenon. He suggested that it treatment should either be by taking medications, seeing a psychologist and in cases where it may be a spiritual cause, prayers will be the best option.

Emphasizing on how the situation can be handled, he recommended, “So you treat it in medical forms – the medical way of treating it sometimes is by medication or if it’s a psychotic deficiency then it’s dealt with in terms of psychology and that’s why mental medicines tells that there is a way of treating people which is not by medication but by psychosis.”

The Cleric stressed that homosexuality, which is against his Christian faith, is “very, very evil [and] dangerous [and] as result must not be tolerated by the church.

Nonetheless, he stated that “if it is spiritual, then we deal with it by way of prayers and other things that will take you out of that situation which you need to be redeemed. Let us treat it but don’t turn it into a human right.”

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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