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You don't need money to teach people how to think - Dr. Patrick Awuah to lecturers

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President of Ashesi University College, Dr Patrick Awuah has advised lecturers, particularly those in the field of sciences to quit the habit of waiting to acquire the ‘best’ equipment before teaching their students “how to think”.

He argues that lecturers do not necessarily need to teach students with plenty of luxury adding that they can make do with the little tools in their possession.

Addressing audience at a Town Hall event at the University of Ghana Tuesday, Dr. Awuah stressed that, ‘’Critical thinking is something which doesn’t require a lot of money. That’s the beauty of it. You don’t need someone to teach you how you think. This is how a sixteen year old university can still aspire to be as good as a 360 year old university.”

He added, “If you cannot afford to buy an automobile engine for studies, buy something cheaper. You will still learn the fundamentals, the physics and mechanic soviet, the fluid dynamics, heat. You can even learn with a one-cylinder engine.”

He has, therefore charged Ghanaian lecturers to adopt a type of teaching and learning system whereby students can benefit even through the use of limited teaching materials as likened to Indians.

‘’The challenge for ourselves here is to do what the Indians do. They understand how much they’ve got and make the best out of it. If we do that then we are going to be alright,” he said.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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