Your lives are getting better, President Mahama tells Ghanaians

Mahama Victory

Wed, 5 Dec 2012 Source: Joy Online

President John Mahama has said that although economic conditions are not as good as Ghanaians want them to be, the people are better off under his administration than any other because the prospects for growth are very bright.

He said that living conditions have improved under the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government, citing extended life expectancy rates, high enrollment in schools and improvements to health facilities across the country in addition to other stable macroeconomic achievements.

Speaking on TV3’s Sunrise programme on Wednesday, the president said that many Ghanaians were unable to relate to the fact that "life is getting better" because they want to see faster growth. He urged all voters to exercise patience and support the governing party to further improve their living conditions.

“The reality of our lives is that life is getting better…” he said.

The job now facing the government, he explained, is to ensure that economic opportunities are available to all and that the right environment for growth is established.

Touching on his commitment to peace during the elections, President Mahama stated, “my personal commitment is my body language. I have demonstrated that by seizing every opportunity to call on my supporters to exercise restraint.”

However, he said, his opponent Akufo-Addo has not done enough to hammer home that point.

Expressing regret over the breakdown of a verification machine during Tuesday’s special voting exercise that prevented some voters from casting their ballots early, he said that he hoped the glitch will not recur during Friday’s polls.

He also said that he hopes that God’s will prevails in this year’s elections and prays that God implants in all Ghanaians the compassion to accept the outcome of the elections, as he has pledged to do, so that the nation might prosper.

Source: Joy Online