General News Thu, 1 Mar 2018

Zoomlion partners AMA to embark on ‘clean Accra project’

Zoomlion and AMA have joined forces to clean Accra


If there is any waste management company in this country that wants to see government achieve its vision of a clean Accra, then that company is no other than Zoomlion Ghana Limited (ZGL).

As part of its contribution towards the President’s clean Accra project, Zoomlion has partnered city authorities, Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) to embark on what is known as the ‘Clean Accra Project.’

The aim of this project is to make Ghana clean green and healthy.

Briefing the media General Manager (GM), Zoomlion Accra Zone, Ernest Morgan Acquah, disclosed that the object of the "Clean Accra Project" is to support the President to achieve his vision of "Making Accra the Cleanest City in Africa".

The Clean Accra Project, he further explained, is not limited to his outfit’s core activities of sweeping and collection of waste, “but more importantly, we have moved further to intensify the desilting of drains and painting all road kerbs in the central business district (CBD) of the national capital—Accra.

Painting the road kerbs, he indicated, will complement efforts at beautifying Accra.


According to him, painting of the kerbs was done when a festive occasion was approaching, ‘but now what is new is that we are doing it on regular basis.’

‘We are doing this till the end of the year so that we ensure that Accra is clean, green and healthy,’ he disclosed.

In ensuring that especially hawkers do not make the kerbs dirty after painting, Mr. Morgan Acquah said this was the more reason why his Zoomlion had to partner Assembly to strictly enforce sanitation bye-laws and bring to book offenders.

‘And with AMA strictly enforcing the sanitation bye-laws obviously our attitudinal problem towards the environment would be minimized to the barest minimum,’ he said.

Though the project started with the central business district of Accra, the Accra Zone Zoomlion GM revealed that they have equally covered areas including Madina-Adentan highway, Trade Fair and Mallam.

According to Mr. Morgan Acquah, beginning next month the project would be replicated in the other regions.


‘…for now we have started with Accra and we will be doing the whole of Accra,’ he assured.

On resources for this huge project, Mr. Morgan Acquah stressed that Zoomlion has procured enough resources to ensure that the project becomes a success.

‘There are pick-ups, wheelbarrows among many other waste management equipment.’

He also used the opportunity to urge Ghanaians to ensure that ‘we, in our own small ways, also play our parts in ensuring that Ghana becomes a clean and health country.’

Source: www.ghanaweb.com