What is your role in Mills’ death?– Angry Kwamena Duncan queries Mahama

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Comment: jokers

2020-09-10 20:20:33
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What is your role in Mills’ death ?– Angry Kwa

You are in power so if there is anything that you have issues with investigate like you did to the contracts that were signed under NDC that later you found nothing wrong with yet you can not come out and tell Ghanaians the truth. We know your kind, noise makers. Even JB's killers are walking free in town same as Armed Sualie's killers and you are here making noise. Same happened under Kuffour when he said he would get those who were killing women under Rawlings yet no one was caught and even jailed. Mr. Minister give us a break. You are a failure

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captain on Sep 10, 2020 20:20