GFP manifesto launch: Akua Donkor promises free port and 1 year maternity leave

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Comment: Koj

Have respect
2020-09-15 10:56:01
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Junky woman

Have some respect people, Our lady or mother has more credentials than most of you talking thrash at her and your parents, and parents parents to the overall generation. Those who received Oxford education and other abroad education are the same people who have taken this =nation for a ride. Embezzling and stealing with impunity. Education doesn't give common sense and that's why most of you here are lacking.

You wish you had a mum like her to ever be the first female in ~Ghana as a presidential candidate aspirant.

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Have respect on Sep 15, 2020 10:56
Kojo Kankam on Sep 15, 2020 06:22
Aaaaw, as3m yo 3sre on Sep 15, 2020 18:03