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Azar News Network 2002 YEAR-END AWARDS

1. Biggest Winner: Dan Botwe, he engineered bye-election victories in Bimbilla, a 2000 NDC area, and Kumawu, a 2000 NPP area!

2. Biggest Loser: Kotoko, how could she fail to win the Africa cup in Kumasi!

3. Best Politician: Aliu Mahama, for staying above it all in the Dagbon crisis and for his campaign on discipline, is he thinking about 2008?

4. Worst Politician: Kwesi Botchway, his bid for the NDC leadership was pathetic!

5. Most Defining Political Moment: NDC MPs boycott parliament in solidarity with a colleague, accused of stealing $400,000!


6. Turncoat of the Year: Akwasi Agyeman, an NDC stalwart, who finally realized that Kuffuor was his brother.

7. Most Boring Politician: Yaw Osarfo-Maafo, for reading a 300-page document to 199 sleeping MPs over a 5 hour period! Whatever, happened to executive summaries?

8. Charismatic leader: Courage Quarshigah, his leadership in the agric sector has been inspiring and it shows in rice production!

9. Bumest Rap: IFC is a Scam!

10. Fairest Rap: NPP public relations machine is comatose!


11. Best Comeback: Nana Akuffo Addo for resuscitating the dead Fast Track Courts!

12. Original Thinker: Kwadwo Antwi for mounting a white horse en route to a skillful performance!

13. Stagnant Thinker: Ala Adjetey for his views on the MP car loans and the Speaker’s $90,000 luxury vehicle!

14. Best Photo OP: Bono and Secretary O’Neill in Batakari at Nima market!

15. Enough Already: Supreme Court Appointments, how many SCJ can we afford?


16. Worst Lie: Wayo Seini and his group for their campaign of lies against Malik Alhassan, Joshua Hamidu and Sulemanaa!

17. NGO of the Year: CDD for pointing out the need for guidelines on Presidential gift giving, in the matter of the $100,000 donation to Congo!

18. Okyeame of the Year: Eric Yankah and Kwabena Donkor for coming out clean after their premature interdictions. Way to go guys!

19. SILizen of the Year: Oheneba Osei Tutu for letting truth stand!

20. Best News Media: Accra Daily Mail for being reliable, factual and timely in print and online.

21. Worst News Media: Palaver for becoming a joke and earning APC (Another Palaver Creation)

22. Person of the Year: Francis Akoto, for providing a medium that allows Ghanaians everywhere to take part in national debates!

Issued by ANN, December 29, 2002

Source: Kweku Azar

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