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Obinim will not run away if granted bail - Atta Akyea

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  • Obinim church elder 7 years ago

    He can fly away as an angel,
    He can also turn into snake to bite all the police!

  • kabokabo 7 years ago

    This Political Police, always take instructions from above. 11.6 Million Cedis?

  • kkk 7 years ago

    Police is not dealing with Obinim, they are fighting "ignorance"
    Their next stop is "witch camps" and prayer camps, to free our aged grand mothers being humiliated and sometimes tortured and murdered.
    Many in the prayer c ...
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  • Bbb 7 years ago

    Who is this complainant,where is Okomfo Dzapata or whatever,who might be in his or her normal senses would send the soo called galamsey family gold to be exorcised ? I don't get it.

  • Damoah 7 years ago

    Where from this political twist? NPP always try to play politics with serious issues.

  • SIMON PETER 7 years ago

    Obinim's cup is full to the brim and difficult to extricate himself. Unfortunately for him he has gone for the WRONG Lawyer. Mr Samuel Atta Akyea is attributing the arrest of OBINIM to diversionary tactics employed by Preside ...
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  • aseda canada 7 years ago

    You are a disgrace to represent idiot,by the way he contributes money to your party.

  • Decalos 7 years ago

    Mahama's mother was a bastard. She was the biggest fool and idiot, and has given to a dead animal called John Mahama.

  • King,London 7 years ago

    Dear readers, He's a criminal, because he has defrauding his church member. Evidence is there that's why police handcuffed him.

  • OHENE YAW 7 years ago

    all the stupid lawyers in ghana are from akyem.

  • Sylvester 7 years ago

    Atta Akyea must do his job as a lawyer and stop attaching this issue with politics.A man of God who turned into snake,remove passport from his anus,but couldn't foresees that someone has put false charge on him.If he can redr ...
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  • British Man 7 years ago

    Lawyer Ata Akyea, you are becoming very controversial I have followed you for your stands against the ruling government and applaud you for that but representing notorious obinim is very bad for your reputation even though yo ...
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  • Nana Kuffuor, Abeka 7 years ago

    Am not surprised Obinim is being defended by Atta Akyea, the dead body distributor. Both are swindlers.

  • Nana yaw 7 years ago

    In America common traffic stop can result someone loosing his life. Police handcuffing him is not disgrace but normal police procedure.

  • SAINT KWADWO 7 years ago

    You will not be happy because you can't pay bribe on this very case. Let him be in cells you will still have you pay. Money dey for house well well.

  • Mensah 7 years ago

    Why is this lawyer all over the radio and tv when the right place to go is the court. In fact I can't madness. I can't think far !

  • Lady Nash 7 years ago

    Those insulting the Bishop are you people holy, if he is your family won't you be proud. Stop insulting the laser and the bishop. We are all Ghanaians, we have to be there for each other. It's his turn today but you people ...
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  • Kenneth 7 years ago

    Lady Nash or whatever you call yourself, we should be each other keeper for someone who said he is an angel very soon he is going to be God? May Allah have mercy on this man call Obinim, he must repent now else, he will peris ...
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  • rich 7 years ago

    warning to obinim if u run to other country we thank god its there we can arrest watching


    Akyea swindled a client of his money, just as Obinim has done to the man who put his trust in Obinim, thinking he (Obinim) is a man-of-God.

  • Bamako Efua Adepa 7 years ago

    Obinim did e ryt thing e man who says he has collected his money is a fool he works for an agent kk if dat man dnt speak e truth he wl never live a comfortable life on dis earth

  • Bamako Efua Adepa 7 years ago

    Please release e man of God please people 're dying he has to save them please release him

  • Ohene 7 years ago

    Putting a handcuff on a suspect or any person by a designed authority is not is not wrong. In the care of police and safety a person is handcuffed outside any enclosed area.

    Akyea does not know anything. For him to say the ...
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  • KWADWO 7 years ago

    People are too quick to judge.His cup is full n so what?. 11.6million GHC. Are we serious?. Who is the complainant. Oh Ghanaians shd wisely n stop blind accusations