Man commands ATM machine to operate, speaks tongues on it

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2016-10-15 19:34:14
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Man commands ATM machine to operate, speaks tongue

This country is getting useless every day . ,
Yu see we v been made to believe that everything we v to pray for it ,.
Some of our problems , we fix them , we don't pray for them to go.
For example the israelists who are surrounded by Arabs, and always keep fighting to keep their country.
I think if Israel was Ghana. We wouldn't v done anything.we would v just sat down and cry to god to save us from the Arabs,

I don't understand this country oooo.
Everything is god god . .

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Jj on Oct 15, 2016 19:34
Akristosom Yewagadril on Oct 15, 2016 22:06