School girl ‘feeds’ Mahama with kalyppo

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Comment: On a fool will think that nana will win

2016-10-22 11:54:33
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School girl ‘feeds’ Mahama with kalyppo

As the December election approaches the tautness in the political circles is very high, everyone want his or her voice to be heard. Politicians are promising the electorate heaven and earth yet when voted in power they have nothing at all to offer. I remember prior to the 2000 elections, NPP promised heaven and earth and as soon as we handed power to them they decided to opt for the easy option by taking the country straight to HIPIC. They promised that they will fix the economy and do so many things but what they did not tell Ghanaians at the time is that they do not know the true state of the government coffers. NDC also promised us the same during the president Mills time, but the good old professor of blessed memory managed things well and put the economy back on track as evident in Bawumia’s lectures. So to me it is clear that NPP after all is not the better managers of the economy as they always seem to claim. The rush into HIPIC to me without looking to fix things like professor mill did shows their level of incompetence. The easy way is always not the best.

Since Nana Addo became the flag bearer of the elephant fraternity things has not been well at all for the party. A lot of party faithful knows that they are in the reign of terror. Nana has turned himself as an opposition dictator, a divisive and intolerant leader who must never be allowed in the corridors of the Jubilee house. There are so many party members who knew very well that the old boy can never become a president hence the reason why some of the big shots in the party have decided to sit back to see the old boy crash the plane with the hypocrites who urges him on. Nana is the only flag bearer of the NPP to oversee the death of two party members and the beating and harassment of several others including their chairman and general secretary and treasurer. He is the only leader who sat and watch party members jubilating over the fall of Afoko and others and pop Champaign to herald their downfall. Is this the person Ghanaians would want to entrust the country to? The answer is definitely no. This is a leader who has never condemned any act of violence and abusive behaviours in his own party before. Ken Agyapong insulted the electoral commissioner and he was very happy with that, their chairman threatened to kill Mahama and all the lawyers in the party could not condemn it the same way they condemn the Montie trio because in their mind the president is not a person, the same applies to the GBA and other church leaders. Not even the leader of the party Nana Addo could condemn such a stupid statement. This shows the kind of a leader Nana is. When the Ashanti regional chairman Wontomi slapped the party’s’ own MP, Nana failed to call him to order, instead Ken Agyapong who is very close to Nana Addo and share similar characteristic with Nana Addo (as violent and divisive) was on radio congratulating this bush man and his uncouth behaviour. So it is very clear that Nana Addo endorses what wontomi did as he shares the same ideology with Ken Agyapong. Even the party’s’ own primaries was marred with violence all because the leader is a violent person.
NPP is not a democratic party as they want all of us to believe. We know how they always want to look down on certain tribes/regions in Ghana and feel that one tribe is superior over the rest. Victor Owusu was the first NPP man to tell our brothers in the North that they should not venture into politics but they should stick to farming and leave the NPP to think for them. This was recently re-echoed by Yaw Sarfo Marfo who said that if you are not from a region where natural resources are produced you should never become a president of the republic. This is very sad coming from a person who we assigned as a finance minister of our dear republic who could sign a contract in another language without knowing what he was signing for. These are the kind of people who want to govern Ghana and Ghanaian will be making a big mistake to hand over power to NPP this year.

The NPP is simply not ready to rule Ghana. The division, the violence the threat to kill our president, the killing in their party etc. is all a security threat to our dear nation. I support the agenda 2020 when a better non-violent leader will take over from the divisive leader and bring the elephant back home. For now the elephant is wondering in the bush destroying everything, killing the very people who will be voting for them. The NPP have set up vigilante groups like “let my vote count” etc. who did so many things to damage the reputation of government and the EC. Since the ruling on the electoral register, all these group have vanished into thin air because they cannot produce any evidence to their claim. Because of that stupid leader call David Asante someone lost his eye. It is very sad that these politician will not expose their own children to these violence. Their kids are studying here in the UK and in the USA and they incite the poor ordinary Ghanaians to create problems.

The minority leader Osei Kyei Bonsu said that it is only the NDC who can do a proper campaign because they are in Government and that there is no other political party with the necessary resource to do that. Is this an admission that the NPP also used the power of incumbency during their reign? Also if the MPs claim is true then will NPP blame NDC for winning the next election?

All the above analysis points to the reason why the NPP should forget about this election and focus on agenda 2020 where all the good people of the party will come together and throw the bad legacy of Nana Addo into the gutters and begin a massive clean-up exercise to weed out all the violent and divisive characters in the party. Nana Addo is a bad elephant who must not be allowed near the presidency. It is only during his reign as the leader of NPP that all the bad things happened to the party and we do not want the same thing to happen after the election so SAY NO TO NANA THE SAME WAY WE SAID NO TO HIV/AIDS. The truth hurts and I know the violent people of the party will come on this platform to insult me. But before they do so they should quickly look into the mirror and ask themselves what they gained during the NPP reign in 2000-2008. If they were better off they should not be on this platform by now. At the end of the day who cares? A word to the wise is enough. AGENDA 2020 IS THE WAY FORWARD. Let us help Nana to retire honourably this year and focus on the future of the party in the hands of a non-violent and a peaceful leader. God bless Ghana.

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Kkd on Oct 22, 2016 11:54
On a fool will think that nana will win