Harvard: Mahama speaks at 2017 African Dev’t Conference April 1

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Comment: Hilarious

Kwame s
2017-03-06 12:23:54
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Harvard: Mahama speaks at 2017 African Dev’t Con

While you are there let them know
You are going to bring back all the stolen money from over inflated contracts and bribery and corruption money. Then help to get the ex ndc Ministers and all thieves associated with the multi billion corruption in jail ....Hannah tetteh cancelled a contract gave to someone else cost Ghana $140 million in judgement debt, Kumasi airport ...hilarious cost ...AMERI emergency power that crook sheik and who knows how much each Minister (staff) got (obviously never gave mahama too much money as was moved straight after) apart from the $150 million yes that's right $150 million commission fee Ghana pays $5 million even when not working ...(not sure of true but heard was not working in January..hilarious another free ,$5 million) review all RLG CONTRACTS, $180 million in bank for nearly two years then MOF gives to Nigeria as investment but then Nigeria buys Ghana bonds (WITH GHANAS MONEY) making an extra 11% commission on ghanas own money ...look at amount of fuel "purchased" by VRA work out how much energy produced (+|-) wastage etc and you will see an astounding mysterious $930 million difference where is the fuel ?....check out Ghana/Togo border...set up an investigation the amount of bribes is astronomical ....check out port ...if you don't pay a good bribe your goods can be at sea for months , check out tax due by gold companies agreement that pay less tax if 30% paid into individual "personal" accounts .......look at Korle bu....there should be a book and a tax man there to collect tax on all the corrupt revenue ...how to get a bed by paying staff, how to deliver empty boxes of drugs and get paid, how to how to "break" equipment in the hospital & refer the patient to their own practice & charge fees for a service that should have been free.......ghost names last year 28,200 removed official" from MOF ...even at $500 a month that's nearly $800 million a year WITHDRAWN or still hidden in banks (if there for six years and not withdrawn banks take it to their account (if a teller notices they transfer it to their relative )(but MOSTLY MONEY WAS WITHDRAWN or transferred !!!!any cash returned any arrests NO ...tolls with no electronic barrier (when road fund added first electronic tolls their revenue went up "60%" now look at the ones that have "bits of paper" as receipts ...it's a free bank for the staff and the mafia that control them !!!!BANANA REPUBLIC OF GHANA corrupt greedy idiotic NDC jokers ...feel sorry nana Addo to sort all this MESS out!!! (Obviously they are looking at cocoa board so let's see if anything happens ..they obviously never gave a good cut of any corruption money to mahama )

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Kwame s on Mar 6, 12:23