Mahama’s 'pigs' analogy was distasteful – Baako

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Comment: Re: Mahama’s 'pigs' analogy was distasteful – Baak

2017-11-10 07:57:41
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Re: Mahama’s 'pigs' analogy was distasteful – Baak

Animal farm relates to the ndc and ndc brought animal farm into Ghana. Nkwaseafuo so you think who will employ you if your useless thief president couldnt create jobs for hou who do you expect to create jobs for you? Mr Ayisi Boateng was damn right , and he should 'say it loud' who should waste a fucking time on these idiots called ndc? lazy fools who want somebody to work and give them money for free, what didn't you do to Ghanaians when you were in power and how many jobs did you create for somebody to give you fools job? the animal farm should be played well i support it 100% . John Mahama odwanfunu like that did he take care of kayayei and neglected his family? he should answer if he didn't then may God curse him. His people at Bole Bmboi are enjoying free SHS with his so called progressive in debts kwaseampanin! everywhere in his life debts.

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kwaku apintee on Nov 10, 2017 06:37
NDC IS SATANIC on Nov 10, 2017 07:57
Re: Mahama’s 'pigs' analogy was distasteful – Baak