'Indiscipline' Amidu not fit to be Special Prosecutor – NDC MP

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Comment: Confused ndc!!

2018-01-12 15:31:38
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'Indiscipline' Amidu not fit to be Special Prosecu

The only Saint in the eyes of ndc was Agya Atta Mills but he is gone, do we have to wait till his resurrection to get a saint to appease ndc? No NPP was good in your sight and now your own is not good, who else do you want. I never knew this NPP govt would stoop so low to dance to ndc tunes all the time. Damn!! Who is ruling here? A whole president was bribed by a Burkinabe and no one dared mahama. Imagine how they manipulated the system by avoiding hearings of this case by using their infested organs like eoco and human rights court to exonerate mahama. Joe adaho did everything to kill this matter but see prof. allowing these guys dictating and still controlling the house as minorities. Habba! Eden asem ni? One year of tolerance is enough oo; NPP start running the affairs of the country and stop being ruled these vultures. Remember it's our paliamentarians making ndc popular now! Who is okudjeto to accuse Boakye Agyarko/Joe Pasaasa and go Scot free? An idiot like that? Well, I leave him to Martin now!!

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