H K. Prempeh, Kwaku Azar challenge Ayariga over Martin Amidu’s invitation refusal

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Comment: Political corruption

And Diplomatic Immunity
2019-06-03 08:27:32
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H K. Prempeh, Kwaku Azar challenge Ayariga over Ma

It is utter down right nonsense to state that to appear in court to answer corruption charges is tantaumount to contempt of parliament.Our politicians hide behind so-called diplomatic immunity and previlages to escape charges of political corruption and naked pilfering of state resources and finances at the detriment of the poor taxpayer.This sort of behaviour is not unique to Mahama Ayariga but many of our political thieves who are milking the country dry and are deliberately empowering the corruption industry to take advantage of the fall out of the endemic corruption in the country.All those stupid clauses in the constitution granting immunity to presidents and parliamentarians should be expunged from the constitution if we are serious about the fight against corruption as a Country.Brazil,once notorious for political corruption in Latin America has done it that have seen former presidents prosecuted and jailed for political corruption.The general public and civil society organizations should mount pressure for reforms to ensure proper public governance and accountability to citizenry not political governance and political corruption under the guise of immunity.Just consider the level of endemic abject poverty and deprivation in Northern Ghana and look at these luxurious brand new Land Cruiser Vehicles as Mahama Ayariga's personal properties imported so cheaply at the expense of state and tax payer.It is extremely ironical and nauseating for the youth in Bawku to be protesting the prosecution of Ayariga in the name of politics.It is a reflection of how politicians have succeeded in enslaving ignorant citizenry through their ill gotten wealth.The two law professors speaking on the issue from abroad know these kind of developments are rare occurencies in well established democracies because workable institutional structures will not permit such crimes in the first place.Coincidentally,it was Ayariga who initiated that court process using a constituent in questioning the validity of Adamu as then sitting MP of Bawku Central that saw him prosecuted and jailed.Commonsense inform any discerning mind that his is more a grievious crime than Adamu and it is important he clears himself in court if indeed he is innocent of the charges labelled against him by the SP.What is good for the gander is certainly good for the goose.

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And Diplomatic Immunity on Jun 3, 08:27
Political corruption