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meQasa and Ghana Association of Real Estate Brokers launch Multiple Listing Service

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Prior to the launch of the Ghana Association of Real Estate Brokers (GAR) to regulate the real estate industry in the country, online real estate marketing company, meQasa.com is partnering the body to create the first and only Multipple Listing Service.

The emergence of the MLS will make it easy to track real estate brokerage business trends and helps potential property seekers save time, money and avoid stress since they do not have to deal with multiple agents.

“…the MLS is a one-stop shop for access to information for GAR members (brokers and agents) to make it easy for them to transact business, share information and also share properties with other agents. The MLS is a database where real estate agents and brokers have access to all listed properties on one platform. This means agents can market one another’s property in an effort to close more deals and share the commission among themselves” CEO of meqasa.com Kelvin Nyame explained.

According to co-founder of the Ghana Association of Real Estate Brokers Nii Kpakpo Abbosey, the body aims to raise the profile of the real estate brokerage industry and establish guidelines for the professional conduct of brokers and agents in Ghana. The association’s mission is to protect the public interest in real estate brokerage transaction; to ensure that certified personnel are competent and fit to act as real estate professionals; to effectively administer, monitor and improve the quality of the certification examination and lastly to act in accordance with governmental entities and other recognised affiliations. The MLS platform will hence not be accessible to the general public but to active GAR members.

The partnership between meqasa and the Ghana Association of Real Estate Brokers will help ease the challenges faced by seekers and agents in finding and listing properties. The Multiple Listing Service connects them to the right channels in a transparent manner.

Meqasa will also organize training courses for agents to understand how the MLS functions and how to use it. The service will go a long way to resolve basic real estate challenges while expanding the business to increase future prospects.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com