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5 Reasons to Watch the Ghanaian Premier League

Most people talk about the Premier League of Ghana as a new league season is here again and ... And you wonder why you should join your friends or colleagues to watch and follow the League too. Don't worry, we gotcha!

Accra Hearts of Oak present 5 reasons why the Ghanaian Premier League should be watched:


The Ghanaian Premier League is about skill and tactics. That's why the League is steadily running. So, we keep looking at it again and again.

If you want your team to do well so you can win more points to top your respective leagues, you're just looking for players who are doing well on your side and how you can help them. As a current/prospective boss, watching the Ghana Premier League will expand your experience. For starters, selecting players and managing your own team for the whole season, and more. You'll know most players, their positions, and how to handle them inside your squad before the League finishes in a season trust us.

They set the bits to the crisp. Pass by. The Disposal and Dribbling. Variety of configurations at the pitch. A first strike's wonder and a slide's challenge tackle the ball.

Offensive and counterattacks. The jumping ability to make saves and the speed that comes with the transition on-fly as a goalkeeper. Fixes, and retrofits. And the contentious cards, of course, come from the official match.

All this and others make Ghana Premier League the one best known African League.


You'll see. You're going to hear it. You will feel it. Heck, you might even be part of that. But that is only one facet of a match's atmosphere.

There are singing and dancing, shouting, waving flags in the air, the crowd's noise as the ball goes in, and a rush of excitement that comes from seeing the team you're following succeed on the pitch. Once you go to one match, you want to go to another match and another match.

It is just that addictive thing.

Each major league stadium in Ghana premier league football is packed with fans doing anything each weekend for their club and teams doing the same thing, no other league in the Africa continent can compare to the anticipation in matches and the week leading up to every Ghana football game each week.


Every game counts. Every match is much more than just a single game. There is always the possibility that with a clock running forward rather than backward, something will happen right up to the very end. Even the number of minutes ending on the clock when the time stoppage is enforced is unclear.

Scripts can be written and goals set, but you never know what really is going to happen until the final whistle blows. That made Ghanaian Premier League a Superb League goal scoring and non-stop action, the Ghana Premier League is not known for any style of play but can always be anticipated in some form, action, and excitement.

Most matches are swift. Few ads, few time outs, and no running down the clock. One thousand sixty-six (1.066) goals were scored over 380 games last season. I wouldn't be surprised if I saw more scores this year.

Fans' celebrations accompany each scored goal, but the players' goal is even more so. May players have their own celebratory style, with some of them having supporters, others including teammates, and those who tend to celebrate in their own environment?


A football scout's job is to find the freshest faces to get on stage. Who is the best great name to come from nowhere to help bring their club to championship glory?

No doubt, the path to grandeur begins with access to the game. But when a young player's talent is on the screen with scouts searching far and far, the road really starts to open up.

Ghanaian Premier League is full of talented young players, making club scouting work easy for their respective clubs to find talented players.


The action of the League is excellent every week since all the clubs fight for promotion and relegation is another reason, we should watch the League. What team would be good enough to stay up? Which one is bad enough to go back on that step? Many great promoted and relegated managers and players have made and broken their legacies, and that's no joke.

Not only that, because of the inability to perform, teams have been financially impacted to the point of comprehensive management, and it's always an exciting part of the league "the promotion and relegation."

All these are part of the reasons why you need to watch the Ghanaian Premier League.

Source: Ghana Soccernet

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