Soccer News Wed, 29 Jun 2011

Adebayor promises more charity for Africa

After providing the two Upper West Region communities of

Hamile and Koro with boreholes to solve their age-long water problems, Togo

star striker Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor tells All Sports he has not finished his

humanitarian deeds yet.

“Come and see, come and see what Sheyi has done,” the ever

vibrant Musical Chapter O supporters group which also travelled to Wa, sang

merrily in praise of Adebayor but the UNICEF Ambassador says his next focus is

to extend his charity to AIDS patients, though he will not just reveal the

country yet.


“I am willing to do more and the next is to see to the

welfare of AIDS patients. I’m just waiting on the UNICEF people to calculate

the costs of the drugs and other needs of people suffering that disease then we

will take action.

“It can be in Ghana, Nigeria, Togo or Benin, I just love to

help my African brothers. I’m proud to be an African and hopefully more will

join hands so we can make our continent proud.”

The Manchester City forward last Wednesday travelled all the


way to Hamile to commission the two boreholes for the two communities. The

grateful Hamile people expressed their own gratitude by making him a

development chief in addition to a sheep donation. Afterwards, Adebayor could

only think of doing more.

“I am not a Ghanaian but I love Ghana and I thank God that

this is happening today. I thank God for the opportunity to help someone. Even

if it’s one family, we thank God that I could help someone in need.

“I promise that the next time I come back to this town, I


will give more than two, maybe 10 or 15. I will do everything even if I have to

go and ask some of my friends to come along with me.

“I am happy, privileged and grateful that GFA President Mr.

Nyantakyi and others like Gargo Mohammed and Malik Jabir are here to support

me,” Adebayor said.

Former Black Stars midfielder Gargo Mohammed who hails from

the North and who accompanied as well as played a great host role, was equally

proud of the Togolese star for the charity.

“I am very proud of him, most of all I won’t say I but we

are grateful to someone who has wholeheartedly realized and render help a poor

community like Hamile. Water is life so I say he has given life to the people

and he will forever be remembered,” an obviously gratified Gargo told


Source: Prince Dornu-Leiku