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Amputate your arm - Angry Nigerians bark at Manuel Akanji over Super Eagles tattoo

Akanjii Naija.png Manuel Akanji has a tattoo of Nigeria's Super Eagles on his arm

Wed, 21 Feb 2024 Source:

The Super Eagles supporters have told off Switzerland defender Manuel Akanji, who showed a Nigeria football logo tattooed on his arm.

Akanji's father hails from the West African nation, meaning the 28-year-old could feature for Nigeria. He, however, opted to represent the A-Team.

While a few believe the Nigeria Football Federation might have opted against calling Akanji, some claim the Manchester City star could have played for the Super Eagles and not put what they feel is a hypocritical tattoo.

Below are some comments

So what should we do? His addition to the team would have added depth to the squad but no, he chose another country. He's a Nigerian at heart but in reality, it is what it is. We move - Chizzy Treasure Kisha.

Hypocritical doing, if he loves Nigeria that much why didn't he choose the Super Eagles? I guess he is having second thoughts but the Super Eagles are good to go with what they have. We have players who do not play for money, but the passion for the motherland - Jeff Africa.

So what? He should have joined the Super Eagles initially instead of Switzerland if he truly loves Nigeria - Ismail Umar Jr.

The spirit of the Super Eagles flows in him. His father is from Nigeria - Ezekiel Orili.

Many football players love their countries, especially Africa, but the officials love bribery and corruption - Kabiru Yusuf.

He wanted to play for Nigeria just like David Alaba, but Nigeria never called him so he went to who called him first - Esan Adeolu.

Even the Super Eagles of Nigeria players don't have it. Thanks for the love - Olufemi Arojojoye.

But playing for the Super Eagles is where he draws the line. Whatever you love most should be glued in your heart, not tattooed on your body - Solomon Ondigo Kabue.

And he couldn't represent his father's land? The best advice I can give him is he should better go & amputate that arm, It's of no use - Ola Mj.