Soccer News Sat, 6 Sep 2014

Bahmed's Prophesy

Alhaji Ahmed Bandoh has told the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the 2014 World Cup that he had prophesized doom for Ghana long before the competition had started.

The Chief Executive Officer for Bahmed Travel and Tour told the Commission that he did not get the nod to air lift the Ghanaian supporters to Brazil because of certain influence from the Presidency.

According to Alhaji Bandoh he tendered in his request because some of the fans kept pressing at his door to once again come to their aid as he did in the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany.

"My lord most fans came to me saying that Bahmed we know you are the master of the game so please put in your request so I did as they requested," he said.

" I got a call from Mr. Fred Darko on the 27th February, 2014 to come and do my presentation to the World Cup committee but my lord, barely ten minutes to the time I had a call from the Presidency telling me not to tender in my request because three agencies had been chosen already," he said.

"My lord, in fact I was peeved so I told my team of experts and my counsel that they should let us leave the place because excuse my language it's just a waste of time but my counsel advised we go for the meeting at least for evidence sake," he said.

According to Bahmed he prophesized doom for the operations ahead due to the kind of frustrations he was going through.

" If you people don't give me the job, you are going to encounter problems because Brazil is not just any country and my lord you saw what happened"

" It was a disaster. In fact, a national canker," he added.

Source: www.sports24gh.com