Bradley-Pacquiao bout 'is like a fixed fight'-Joshua Clottey

Mon, 11 Jun 2012 Source: liquidsportsghana

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Former IBF Welterweight champion Joshua Clottey feels the controversial Pacquao-Bradley bout looked like a “fixed fight”.

Pacquiao landed 94 more punches than Bradley according to CompuBox, but it was not enough as the judges stunningly awarded a split-decision win to Bradley, who lifted the World Boxing Organization welterweight title from Pacquiao with the victory.

But in an interview with www.liquidsportsghana.com, Joshua Clottey who once lost to Pacquao in a one-sided bout said “it’s like a fix fight because if you watched the press conference before the fight, you would have seen Bradley holding a card which read “Rule 2-November Bradley vrs Pacquao.”

He added that the result of the bout was known well ahead of time, “they knew that Bradley will win the fight and there would be a re-match on November 12th. Bradley held up the same card again after the fight.

“They were all happy about the re-match because you know Floyd Mayweather is in jail and cannot fight Pacquao and I don’t think they can do the negotiation for the fight because of their egos.”

Clottey alleged that the ultimate aim is to get people to watch a rematch between the two boxers. “So it’s a kind of a game where they want people to know that Bradley beat Pacquao so that people will buy the pay per view the second time”

Source: liquidsportsghana