Brother flays Joshua Clottey

Mon, 27 Aug 2012 Source: Daily Guide

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Emmanuel Clottey, senior brother of Joshua Clottey, former IBF Welterweight Champion, has accused the latter of stifling his boxing career.

Emmanuel, nicknamed “Sleek”, a light welterweight boxer, claimed Joshua was putting impediments in his ways, in his attempt to re-launch his career.

And explaining why his sibling had taken delight in stifling his progress, he stated, “Times have changed and things are rougher now, so I have decided to review my career. But anytime I get close to getting a fight, my brother will stop it, not once or twice.

“He hasn't explained his actions to me, but I am hearing he says I have a psychological problem. It saddened me when I got to know that but our father has asked me to exercise restraint.

“He is now acting as my manager and stops every fight I land. It is managers who do that because they spend on boxers. Managers stop fights.

“our father has invited him over to discuss the issue but he has turned a deaf ear to the matter,” Emmanuel stated.

Emmanuel told Daily Guide Sports he returned home from the United Kingdom three years ago after he and Joshua had agreed that he (Emmanuel) should take care of their sick father.

He said he consented and that had affected his financial standing to some extent.

“He enjoys seeing me chase him all the time for money, knowing very well that I am a family man and have responsibilities.

“I am going through a lot of challenges because I sacrificed my profession for our father. It has taken me a long time to break my silence on this issue,” Emmanuel Clottey said.

“People have realized all his not well with me and Joshua but have been quiet all these while because of our father. He (Joshua) rented an accommodation for me when I arrived from the UK and that was it.

“I am not complaining because I envy him or want to make him unpopular. He is my junior brother but I do learn a lot of things from him. I actually copy him when he does what is right in and outside the ring,” he added.

Emmanuel has a fight record of 36 wins, 15 by way of knockout, and lost nine. He is currently preparing for an IBA intercontinental title fight.

When Daily Guide Sports contacted Joshua on the matter, he promised to return the call, but failed to do so as at the time of going to press.

Source: Daily Guide