Boxing News Mon, 3 Apr 2017

Bukom Banku describes Bastie Samir as ‘Dwarf’

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Briamah “Bukom Banku” Kamoko has described his compatriot Bastie “The Beast” Samir as a ‘dwarf’ ahead of their upcoming crunch battle.

Kamoko- Samir has been slated to battle each other in a cruizerweight contest on August 5th at the Bukom Boxing Arena in Accra.

And ahead of the upcoming duel, the Bukom native is talking tough, describing the former Olympian as a’dwarf’ and also promised to destroy him.


‘I have heard that some dwarf boxer called Bastie wants to fight me. I will beat him mercilessly and show why I’m Africa’s Mayweather.

I’m a champion and I believe in my qualities. I’m urging all Ghanaians to come to the Bukom Boxing Arena on August 5 and be witnesses to how I will ‘stop’ Bastie,” Kamoko told UTV.

Source: sportscrusader.com