Clottey Beats Cruz

Sat, 5 Apr 2008 Source: Daily Guide

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Ghana’s Joshua Clottey will keep his number one welterweight ranking, as he pounded away at Jose Luis Cruz for nearly five rounds till their fight was called 2:52 into the fifth. Scores at the time of the stoppage were 40-36 twice, and 40-35.

Joshua Clottey is no stranger to tough fights. Over the course of his 13-year pro career, the 31-year-old Ghana native has rarely avoided a dangerous opponents or brutal bouts. From battles with Antonio Margarito and Diego Corrales to scraps with Shamone Alvarez, Clottey has done much over the past few years to solidify himself as a major player in the welterweight division.

Before the fight with Cruz, Clottey said he wants the Margaritos, Cintrons, and Cottos of the world to know that they can run, but they can’t hide.

“They talk a lot, but they don’t want to fight,” Clottey said of the division’s marketable names. “They know that I know everything in the game. I can see you punching and I know how to defend. If you fight me, you are definitely going to get hit. And if you hit me, I’m going to hit you back.”

Source: Daily Guide