Clottey gives reason for his defeat

Wed, 23 Dec 2015 Source: peacefmonline.com

Former World Champion Joshua Clottey says his decision to step in the ring against Gabriel Rosado on Saturday was purely to test the waters.

The 38-year-old said in an interview shortly after the fight that the disparity in weight accounted for the loss.

According to Clottey, he struggled to attain the required weight for the middleweight bout vis-à-vis Rosado who is a natural middleweight boxer.

“It was a risk I took because I wanted to test the waters. He is a natural middleweight, so it was difficult handling him. Don’t forget it was my first time fighting in that division.

“I dominated the first four rounds which could have resulted in a knockout if I were a natural middleweight. I resorted to force instead of technique because of the weight difference.

“But I am glad I have realized that a 154 weight boxer can’t stand me now. I didn’t want to get rusty so I stepped up for the challenge.”

Clottey, (39-5 (22KOs) revealed that he would be meeting with his management team this week to discuss his future.

The bout, fought at 158 Ib catchweight, served as an unofficial audition to land a big name in 2016.

Clottey, despite being at a massive size disadvantage, succeeded in dictating the early rounds by landing all the telling blows.

Judges’ scored were 97-93 (twice) and 96-94 in favor of Rosado

Source: peacefmonline.com