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Club owners would have staged a coup against Nyantakyi - Chief Larry

Chief Executive Officer of Primeval Media Consult, Chief Larry Opare Otoo has hinted that some club officials would have ousted Ghana Football Association president Kwesi Nyantakyi if they had their way.

The maverick business mogul deduced that from the conversations he has followed on air in the past weeks from club administrators, they would have staged a coup to oust Kwesi Nyantakyi from his position but went on to say all of them should be part of the blame if there’s seeming retrogression in our football.

Speaking on Happy FM’s Anopa Bosuo Sports, Chief Larry intimated that whatever President Kwesi Nyantakyi has become today, whether good or bad, was borne by these club administrators.


“I have listened to some club owners in the past few weeks and I can only deduce that given the opportunity, these club people will stage a coup against GFA president Kwesi Nyantakyi. The club people have made Kwesi Nyantakyi what he is today. If he is a good person today, they have made him so. If he is a bad person, they have made him so. When people were raising issues back then, what did these people who are complaining today, say about it. These people should not forget that Nyantakyi was the saviour we needed to take us to our first FIFA World Cup and subsequently, three times overall.” Chief Larry said.

He however disclosed that it was difficult marketing Ghana Football in the current circumstances it finds itself.

“It is very difficult to sell Ghana Football now. I am on the grounds and I know what I’m talking about. Sometimes you go out to look for deals for the Ghana Football and the responses you get aren’t pleasant at all.” Chief Larry added.

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