Death, sickness and unpaid salaries: What is happening at Legon Cities?

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Fri, 15 Sep 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

1. Player's death and ailing goalkeeper

It has been a tough few days for Legon Cities who have mourned their first-choice goalkeeper Silvester Sackey and have their second-choice in a concerning health situation.

The club confirmed the passing of Sackey on Tuesday, September 12, 2023. The goalkeeper, per the report, died after battling a long illness.

A day after Sackey's passing was announced, disturbing images of Essu looking pale due to illness emerged on online.

2. Allegations of unpaid salaries

According to Thomas Enu, the brother of Essu, the goalkeeper is owed three months' salary and nine matches of unpaid bonuses and that the family suggested to the club to either pay the arrears or give them a token to fund the goalkeeper's health care.

"They owe him three months and 9 match bonuses," he told Angel FM.

"The CEO called this morning and told us to send him to 37(military hospital) in Accra. But for five months we've been going to the hospital and not gotten any better outcome so we believe that his sickness is beyond hospital.

"When they called us, we told them that we tried several hospitals but he could feel any better, so we are considering using other means. They asked how much we will need to fund it and we told them that we can't quote an amount. Therefore, they should send what they are willing to offer or pay his three months salary so we will use it."

According to ace broadcaster, Saddick Adams, Legon Cities is one of a number of clubs in the Premier League who owe their players months of salaries.

3. Club's response

The club released a statement on September 13, 2023, stating that their attention has been drawn to Essu's situation, adding that they have put measures in place to ensure that their player's health situation is addressed.

"Our attention has been drawn to pictures of our goalkeeper William Essu circulating on various social media platforms with discussions on traditional media platforms."

"We plead with the media and the general public to be circumspect in their reportage of Essu's health as all efforts are being made to address the player's current situation."

The release did not sit well with many who chastised the club who appeared to have found out about the goalkeeper's health condition on social media.

4. Juju allegations from brother and wife of ailing goalie

Sackey's death and Essu's current condition have generated discussions of juju as the root cause of the concerning situation.

In line with the public's suspicion, the family believes Essu's illness is beyond the ordinary after seeking solutions at multiple hospitals for about five months.

"It started about five months ago. He felt sick at the airport while about to travel with the U-23 team to Morocco so he came home because of the condition. We sent him to the hospital and the number of drips he has had, you will be surprised. He has done lab tests and so many things. They checked him multiple times but couldn't find anything."

"...for five months we've been going to the hospital and not gotten any better outcome so we believe that his sickness is beyond hospital.

"...we told them that we tried several hospitals but he could not feel any better, so we are considering using other means," Thomas Enu said in his interview with Angel FM.

Some journalists have sought to draw similarities between the two incidents as they sought to suggest that there might be something more serious ongoing at the club.

5. Support from club and PFAG for ailing goalie

Following the viral images of Essu, the Professional Footballers Association of Ghana reached out and offered their support to the Black Meteors goalkeeper.

Read the official statement from the PFAG below

"As a Union dedicated to the welfare and well-being of professional footballers in Ghana, the PFAG reaffirms its commitment to providing support to Essu throughout his recovery journey.

The PFAG believes that the strength of the Union lies in its ability to stand by its members in times of need. We conveyed the importance of staying strong and persevering through difficulties, both in football and in life.

This demonstration of solidarity reflects the broader commitment of the PFAG to stand by its members in times of need.

Our visit also serves as a poignant reminder that, beyond the game, these footballers are human beings who can lean on one another for support and inspiration during life’s challenges.

The PFAG will continue to be with the footballers and for the footballers.


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