Fatawu Dauda reveals why Wakaso wept after Ghana’s AFCON exit

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Mon, 22 Jul 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

A broken-hearted Mubarak Wakaso wept uncontrollably after Ghana was eliminated from the 2019 Africa Cup Nations (AFCON 2019) by the Carthage Eagles of Tunisia in the round 16.

The midfielder who won the hearts of Ghanaians with his zealous and passionate displays was left devastated by Ghana’s exit.

Speaking after the game a tearful Wakaso said "I can't even describe how we are feeling. I need to thank my colleagues, the whole of Ghana for their support and I think what ever happened in the game, it is part of the game so I think we need to think our future, that's the only thing I can talk about now."

"I thought this tournament was for us due to the hard work we have been putting in in every match, that is the reason I am like this right now but we still have a future we have to think ahead right now."

However a close friend of Wakaso and Ghana goalie Fatawu Dauda has revealed that Wakaso assured him in a conversation ahead of the tournament that he was going to return to Ghana with the trophy.

According the Enyimba FC goalkeeper, the team’s inability to lift the trophy felt like betrayal of the trust and love of Ghanaians in the view of Wakaso. He also pleaded with Ghanaians to be a bit more thoughtful and charitable with their criticism of the Black Stars players.

“You know why Wakaso cried? Before the tournament he told me that Lion we need to win the tournament so he felt very bad after we were knocked out. All the players wanted to win the trophy. None of them is happy. They went there to win it but it was very unfortunate”, he said.

"When things happen like that as a player you need to pick yourself up and do well. The same people who criticize you when you are not doing well are the same one who will praise you when it going well so criticism is part of the game. So as a player you should not be bothered by criticism.

Fatawu also failed to rule out a return to the Black Stars.

“I’m still active and I’m still playing but it’s about selection. If I’m doing well and they select me, why not I will come and serve my nation”

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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