Football accepts scientific approach to injury issues

Thu, 8 Sep 2011 Source: GFA

The sport in Ghana today welcomed the development of a scientific basis to protect the health of all players.

A day's workshop for Doctors and Physiotherapist/Masseurs of premier league clubs in the Ghanaian league took participants through the essential prerequisite for effective prevention of injuries.

With the Ghana Football Association having invested heavily in the area of sports science, the progamme, the FIFA Medical and Research Centre (F-MARC), addressed the challenges confronting players on injury prevention.

Dr. Martin Engmann, chairman of the Medical Committee of the GFA explained that, detailed records of players would have to be kept to aid the diagnosis of injury and other health related cases.

“We have set ourselves various task of which principal of them involves getting the clubs strengthen their medical departments and to be part of a broad network of proper injury reporting,” Dr. Engman said.

According to Dr Engmann, the standardised registration of all injuries needs to be given serious attention.

“A software for registration of players will be introduced and so without the pre competition medical assessment, it will be very difficult to register your player or for him to acquire the license to play in the Premier League.

“The database will have information about injuries sustained and the times at which they occur so we can find ways of prevention and also to adapt new training methods to enhance performance

Source: GFA