Elmina Sharks deny implementing pay cut, explains why players received reduced salaries

Sharks2018 Elmina Sharks have not taken a decision to slash player salaries

Tue, 12 May 2020 Source: footballmadeinghana.com

Communications Director of Elmina Sharks, Anthony Sedenam has refuted claims that the club has implemented pay cuts.

Reports went rife last Wednesday, when some players complained to head coach Yaw Acheampong that their salaries have been reduced upon checking their bank accounts.

The situation triggered panic and led many to speculate that the club had implemented a salary cut measure to survive the financial hardship the Covid-19 period brings.

However, Anthony Sedenam has cleared the air about this development explaining that it was a banking discrepancy which has since been resolved.

He insists Elmina Sharks have not taken a decision to slash player salaries.

“Management has not taken any decision of slashing the player’s salary, there is no truth in those speculations. We (Management) got an alert from the head coach, Yaw Acheampong on Wednesday that some players are complaining about 65% slash on their salaries. We quickly got in touch with the accounts department to find out what has happened” Sedenam told Kumasi based OTEC Fm

“After our accounts department called the bank, They told us (management) that there was a discrepancy, so we instructed them to do everything possible to rectify the situation, according to the bank, those rectifications were done from last Friday to this Monday. It was an error transactional problem between our accounting department and the bank that were supposed to do the payment”, He added.

“The team has not decided or taken any decisions to cut any player salary, whatever is due to the player’s, is what we are given them” He stressed

Source: footballmadeinghana.com