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GFA-Glo deal: 'One Man Supporter' begs AG to intervene

President of Ghana Supporters Club , Abraham Boakye aka ‘One man Supporter’ has appealed to the Attorney General and Minister of Justice to intervene in the case between him and the Ghana Football Association and ex-GFA President, Kwesi Nyantakyi over the agency behind the GFA-Globacom deal.

Speaking on UTV, One Man Supporter revealed how the embattled lawyer swindled him in a sponsorship deal he brokered for the GFA.

According to Abraham Boakye, in 2008 he led Nigerian Telecom Giants Globacom to sign a 5-year deal with the FA to sponsor the Ghana Premier League and the Black Stars.

He alleges that prior to the signing of the deal, all negotiations regarding settlement for the agency that brokered the deal had been agreed upon and he was recognized as the man who introduced the telecom company to the FA.

He revealed that during one of his numerous trips with the Black Stars, news got to him that deal had been signed. With an agreement already in place for him to enjoy his percentage as the agent behind the deal, he demanded his share from the FA only for him to be told that another company brokered the deal.

Abraham Boakye who obviously felt swindled and ripped off by Nyantakyi resorted to the law court for justice but the case to his amazement was ruled in favour of the FA and Kwesi Nyantakyi.


Following Anas’ number 12 documentary that covered rot and corruption and revealed how the former FA had been using fictitious means to rob the clubs and the association, One Man is ready to return to court and seek justice.

He is thus calling on the Attorney General to come to his aid and ensure that he gets what is due him. He expressed his willingness to collaborate with the appropriate authorities and ensure that justice is served.

“Now we have all seen what he has been doing. When we went to court, the judge despite all the evidences provided by my legal team still ruled in favour of Nyantakyi and the FA but now the truth has come out, thanks to Anas. I will go back to court and fight this issue again but I want Gloria Akufo to take care of this case, I deserve justice, he said.

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