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GFA vs. Grunsah: The Legal Gala, Our Friendly League

So I hear that two of Alhaji Grunsah's cases, the one against the GFA's Disciplinary Committee is thrown out and the other against the same FA's Appeals Committee ruling; significant victory for GFA but local league still on hold pending determination of last and final case.

So the judge too, did we have to wait this long? Habba!

In any case, a suspended league (for whatever reason) is conceivable only in our part of the world; innit? Can you imagine the English or Spanish FA in such a SORRY (caps mine) state, unthinkable; right? For here; na reality abi?

We live in a part of the world where the Football Association (FA) and allied bodies tout their organization as top notch; yet fail to start the league because of a court injunction, they will tell you they don't have power over who goes to court.

An injunction brought unto it because an allied body of the FA, no less a body as the disciplinary committee had ruled, stood by their ruling and are now having to stand by, for a higher ruling to clear up a 'mess' that has been created in lieu of their ruling. Na so they rule time past, get away with am. Grunsah bore this round.

Their ruling is now stooping, whether it will be able to stand subsequently has left all stakeholders in the sport in a "wait – and – see" mode. So we wait. Weything sef we go fit do? Shelle!

So Alhaji Grunsah; who has confessed publicly to having corrupted employees of the FA say he wants 'justice' so no amount of settlement go make him pull outta court. My intrigue is that, the man has ever been relegated and he quietly went and returned. What has changed? Sannie Daara surely get answers.

The Friendly League Season

Between the period that we wait for adjudication of the two other cases, teams are now playing friendly matches in order to keep their players in shape for the league proper if it ever takes off this year.

Now that the sword of contempt hangs delicately over the FA leadership and its assigns, wanna league too dey dangle helplessly over the court noose; one slip nooor, suicide be dat.

But come to think of it, now that the teams are playing friendlies all over the place, why not turn it into a friendly league? After all, all rules of the game duly applied in competitive fixtures are observed.

And oh, my media friends; I heard that the frustration of some of you guys is that you have little or nothing to do on the weekends. No games to broadcast but for these friendly games. Ibi true, I beg make u no try deny this too.

Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA), Premier League Board (PLB); I beg you guys still dey around? Aaaah, whatever it is; I cry more, most if you like for First Plus Capital.

Whiles the FA seeks to get over the suspended league wahala, and Alhaji Grunsah also fights for reinstatement into next year's league, someone kindly whisper to First Capital to 'fast and pray,' it's the little they can do as we wait.

Till then, I still maintain that it is in only our part of the world that the current situation can be envisaged. Shame unto the FA! In Songo's voice; Fire burn them!

Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban


Source: Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban