Sports News Mon, 29 Jul 2019

GHAMOSA celebrates 20th anniversary of the Moroccan King with sports festival

The Ghana Morocco Old Students Association (GHAMOSA) in collaboration with the Africa Students Union and CEMAF cement Ghana has held Sports festival to honour and celebrate the 20th anniversary of His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s ascension to the throne.

The event which was aimed at celebrating the 20th Anniversary of His Majesty’s Accession to the Throne as the Moroccan King was under the theme ‘’Celebrating 20th Years of Visionary Leadership and Meritorious Service to Africa, Uniting Africa through Education and Sports’’

“This year we received a Royal letter from his Majesty King Mohammed VI wishing us success in our endeavours to promote closer ties between African Students, especially between Moroccan and Ghanaian students”. Addressing the media at a press launch, president of the Ghana Morocco Old Students Association, His Excellency Mr. Peter Panyin Anaman said Education and Sports are two powerful tools for national and continental unity and the Kingdom of Morocco is uniting Africa through its scholarship program championed by L’AMCI.

He added “Before I personally had the scholarship to study in Morocco, I was living in Ghana as an Akan(a tribe in Ghana), I left Ghana to Morocco as a Ghanaian, I lived the first 1 year in Morocco as an Anglophone and the rest of my four and half years as African. My stay in Morocco as students changed my perception about other tribes, about other faiths and other Africa countries. I now see myself as citizen of Africa and not just a Ghanaian citizen. I see all Africans as family members no matter which part of the continent they come from. I don't feel like a stranger on any African soil. I have come to understand that, no African is a foreigner on Africa soil, Africa belongs to all Africans. Every African is a child of Mother Africa and Africa is our home”

‘’We have chosen to celebrate the King’s 20th Anniversary to encourage other African leaders to emulate the leadership examples of this admired King. What Africa lacks is neither natural nor human resources but Africa lacks visionary leaders like His Majesty King Mohammed VI. It is time Africans celebrate our leaders who are making difference on the continent.

His Majesty is one of the few Africa leaders Africans can be proud of and we are very proud of his achievements during his 20 years reign as the Moroccan King especially his contribution to the development of the human resources of Africa and his enormous support for youth development” He continued.

‘’The event is aimed at creating a platform to promote closer ties between Ghanaians and Moroccan community in Ghana as well as other African Communities in Ghana. It is also to help Moroccan Companies in Ghana to promote their business and help participants of the festival to network. We believe that this will well compliment the effort of our two governments in further promotion of cordial relationship between our two countries and between our countries and others Africa countries. It is our fervent hope that this event would help promote closer ties between Ghanaians and Moroccan community, as emphasized by His Majesty in his recent letter to our Association and also grow Moroccan Companies in Ghana’’

He seized the opportunity to thank some individuals and groups for their support. They include Ambassador Kobina Annan (Former Ghana Ambassador to Morocco), Ambassador Mohammed Farahat (Former Morocco Ambassador to Ghana), Dr. Alhaji Gamel Sinare (Managing Director of Agvad Ghana Limited), Mr. Sharif Abdul Latif Yushaw (Former Consul Ghana Embassy to Morocco), Mr. Abdelouahed BEKKI (Deputy Head of Mission), Mr. Mohammed BENNIS (Country General Director, CIMAF Ghana Limited), His Excellency Peter Kwesi Kodjie (Secretary-General of All Africa Students Union), Mr. Ololo Lilian (President of the Gabonese community in Ghana) and the Executives of the Association for their support.

He also welcomed Her Excellency Ambassador Imane Ouadil (New Morocco Ambassador to Ghana). ‘’The entire Ghana Morocco Old Students Association (GHAMOSA) is pleased to welcome you to this high office of Kingdom of Morocco Ambassador to the Republic of Ghana’’ He concluded.

This year’s Sports festival brought together Ghanaian Morocco trained Professionals, members of All-Africa Students Union (AASU), other Africa nationals in Ghana and the media.