GOC Elections: Vote for the original not the generic - Nunoo-Mensah tells delegates

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Sat, 13 Mar 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

President of the Ghana Olympic Committee, Ben Nunoo-Mensah has urged delegates to vote for him instead of his opponent Richard Akpokavi who he describes as ‘generic’.

Nunoo-Mensah who could not fathom why the GOC General Secretary was aspiring to become president of the committee, questioned whose record Mr. Akpokavi was seeking to contest with.

“Richard worked with the former President of the GOC, Francis Dodoo and he has worked with me for five years. He never told me about his intentions to contest before and I’m not too sure whose record he is contesting on all I know is he wants to contest,” the GOC President told Ghanaweb.

According to him, his contender in the elections was given liberty and the opportunity to operate without any form of interference.

“In my administration, he is a Secretary-General, I gave him the free hand to run the GOC, the administrative side over there, I gave him lots of opportunities.

If at this point he wants to contest for the GOC, I’m not too sure on my record or Francis Dodoo’s record?” he stated.

Although many believe Mr. Akpokavi is paying back Nunoo-Mensah for what he did to the previous administration, the former thinks otherwise.

According to Nunoo-Mensah, though he resigned from his post during Professor Dodoo’s era as GOC President, his opponent is contesting him despite being at the helm as Secretary-General of the GOC.

He explained, “When you are in an organization and you don’t agree with something. The principal thing for you to do is to step back and leave otherwise you will be undermining the leadership. So in my case with Francis Dodoo, I did not agree with his leadership and how he was managing the GOC so I resigned.”

“That is different from staying on so like I said whose record is he contesting on?” he added.

The GOC President concluded his submission by saying, “If the original is here why go for the generic.”

The Ghana Olympic Committee would be going to the polls on March 15th, 2021, and Ben Nunoo-Mensah is seeking re-election as the committee’s President.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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