Sports News Tue, 15 Jul 2014

Germany Champions $400,000; Ghana no win $100,000

Germany will be awarded $35 million in prize money for winning the 2014 World Cup, while each player will get a $408,000 bonus from their national football federation (DFB) for lifting the trophy.

Ghana did not win a single match will get $8million and $1.5 million for preparation cost. Each player got $100,000 "bonus" for winning nothing

Argentina will be paid $25 million for finishing as runners-up in 2014, while each of the 32 nations that reached the finals in Brazil have earned at least $8 million.

The 2014 World Cup champions will not only be going home with the top prize in world football, but they'll come away with $35 million in prize money, according to the Associated Press (via SportsIllustrated.com).

That's $5 million more than Spain received for winning it all in South Africa four years ago.

But there's plenty of prize money to go around, as even the last-place nation is guaranteed to come away with at least $8 million this summer.


The 32 participating nations will share a total fund of $576 million, which includes insurance policies to cover the club salaries owed to injured players. The actual prize money pot is $358 million, meaning the champion will take roughly 10 percent of the share.

Here we'll break down the prize money distribution at the 2014 World Cup.

As the World Cup grows in popularity every four years, the prize money continues to increase. In December of 2009, FIFA announced that prize money for the 2010 World Cup would increase 61 percent from that awarded at the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

Now, this year's is up 37 percent from the previous tournament.

So while the $348 million share may seem like a ridiculous amount, that number is likely to grow ahead of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

As FIFA.com notes, the organization also provides money for preparation expenses: "In addition, each of the 32 qualified teams will be granted $1.5 million for preparation costs. $70 million will be provided by FIFA via the member associations to the clubs whose players take part in the final competition as a contribution towards their participation."

Source: GHP