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Get over it HATERS! Gyan doesn’t need Messi to tell us he is goal scoring hero

For those guessing Asamoah Gyan’s praise by Lionel Messi is a hoax are proving to be funny as the news seemed funny to them. The most lethal striker in Ghanaian modern football history, who is either a true patriotic or non - gutless goal assassin is Asamoah Gyan.

There seems to be little middle grounds in public opinion over the reportage that Lionel Messi has hailed Asamoah Gyan as a great scorer, but the doubters should know that Gyan’s goal scoring record speaks for itself and does not need a story line to confirm his greatness.He doesn't need Messi to tell he has five World Cup goals to his name and he doesn't need Messi to tell us he scored 48 goals for Black Stars already.

The story claim is one which a football technician who Knows Gyan goal pilferer prowess wouldn’t disagree more. Gyan has not persuaded any one to write about Messi praising him nor, was it him that made any claims of Messi praising him; nonetheless, has the story taken his records from him?

You may not like Gyan because of some reasons but then you don’t need lecture on the horrors of been famous and rich, nor courage of a young man who has been a consistent number one scrumptious striker of the Black Stars over a decade, and on whom the previous successful Serbian coaches – Ratomir Djukovic and Milovan Rajevac, of the Black Stars built their foundations on.

The only thing that matters in football is goal scoring, and fighting the opponent within the rules to succeed. In search for goals, Asamoah Gyan is a rough and uncompromising character on the pitch. Many great scorers like Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrihimovic are exactly the same.

Asamoah Gyan is an astonishingly great goal poacher who fully deserves all its plaudits, and his 48 goals performance for Black Stars is sensational. Additionally, scoring goals with flamboyance at every country that he is played club football in is stupendous.


We should not assess Messi praising Asamoah Gyan as true or not when his record does not contradict. Instead, it shows the harsh, stark reality of hatred for Gyan at home, where people only care for others downfall, and with a state of mind which are ruined by the hidden unctuous hypocrisy.

And specifically, the petty criticism of Gyan been praised by Messi, spotlights the desperate plight of so many people to see or hear the downfall of him. Asamoah Gyan has repeatedly risked his life and career by playing through injury to serve his country in some of the most dangerous terrains on earth. And by doing his job so well in his country history, he earns a whooping $300,000 a week, which many fancy.

Asamoah Gyan has worked hard for it. And he did it in style so breathtaking, so audacious, and so utterly sensational that it bordered on focus. The privilege of being where he is only echoes appropriately his fulsome superlative dance to celebrate his goals.

He is had an iconic career with unique distinction in search of his 50th goal for Ghana. Though his turpsy – turvy times with Ghana has seen him go through more cheers and less jeers at times, you cannot despise everything about him – not even his empirical records.

A stinging ridicule provokes an equally stinging response. We all support free speech but one should not have an opinion which many will find loathsome.

Certainly, Asamoah Gyan is a hero. Get over it haters because even if you see Gyan as a flawed hero, he is still a hero by his record, so he still remains Ghana’s modern football goal scoring hero.

Source: ghanasportsonline.com