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The spotlight has been put on The Ghana Calvary Methodist Church located on

844 Sanford Avenue, Irvington, New Jersey. What is interesting is, the

membership of the church has increased 90% within its first year. it has a 9

year old as a Choirester who goes by the name; Emmanuel Yeboah following his

father's footsteps (The youngest in the Choir and Dad is also a

Choirester). The church celebrated its first Anniversary/Harvest and

Thanksgiving on Sunday; November 18th. The theme of the occasion was:

"Great Is Thy Faithfulness". The Preacher was Rev. Willie Mae Nanton and

other speakers also included; Bishop Nana Oprim Kwansa & Rev. Akosua Oprim

Kwansa. The Host Pastor is Rev. Nathan Addo-Nartey. Appeal for Funds was

made by Rev. Akosua Oprim Kwansa. The church also used the occasion to

launch their newsletter; THE CALVARY POST


The Harvest Committee

Rev Dr Acquah- Arhin

Rev Dr Obiri-Addo

Rev Nana Oprim Quansah

Rev Mrs Akosua Oprim Quansah

Rev Martin

Mrs Antionnette Duah

Mr & Mrs Mensah

Mr Kofi Frempong

Mr Waren Tackie

Mr DicK Nsiah-Amoako

And all other Invited Special Guests.


History of Ghana Calvary Methodist Church


"God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform." This quote aptly

describes how Ghana Calvary Methodist Church came into being. The church was

born on Sunday, October 1st 2006. But the idea for a new church was

conceived back in July that same year, when a group of members from Ghana

Emmanuel Methodist Church in Newark, New Jersey became dissatisfied and

disillusioned about the state of affairs in that church. When efforts at

resolving conflicts between a section of the leaders and some members on one

side and another section on the other side proved futile, resulting in an

increasing atmosphere of discord and anarchy, the idea of "let's move out

and start something new" became an ideal option.

Being let by the Lord through guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Pastor, Rev.

Nathan Addo-Nartey resigned from Ghana Emmanuel Methodist Church on Sunday

September 24th, 2006 and decided to start a new church. At the same instant

a group in favor of the pastor's position approached him and asked him to

lead them to start a new congregation. Two ideas merged and the result was

the birth of Ghana Calvary Methodist Church. These original members who held

strategic offices and positions in the Ghana Emmanuel Methodist Church, all

resigned following the pastor's resignation and joined resources with him to

begin this new church.

At first, we didn't know where to begin therefore we agreed to meet in

individual homes on Saturday mornings to pray, study scriptures and plan for

the way forward. It was not an easy process as we still were not certain how

this idea could become a reality. But through faith, we all resolved to

trust the Lord to lead us wherever He deems appropriate for us.

House Meetings

These house meetings formed the nucleus of our being. Modeled after the

Wesleyan concept of class/cell groups it generated an atmosphere of freedom

of expression, great joy in the Spirit, strong bond of fellowship and

togetherness, and a genuine sense of belonging among us. The objectives for

these meetings were for Bible studies, planning and strategizing for the

task ahead. We resolved to let the Holy Spirit guide us in all we did and

God did work miracles.

Maiden meeting: Saturday, July 15th, 2006

This was held at the Yeboah family household. Brother Daniel, his wife

Christie and the family were generous enough to host our first meeting. Not

only did we have a successful meeting, but they provided food and drinks as

well. Everyone was on fire and looked forward to the first Sunday worship


Second meeting: Saturday July 29th, 2006

Held at Sister Mary Adjei's house; she and her family did wonderfully well

hosting us, and continuing the process begun at Bro Yeboah's household. From

this time going, numbers kept increasing each time we met and every house we

went served us not snacks but real meal with some leftovers to take away. It

was here that our motto, "Oneness and Peace in Christ" was agreed upon.

Third Meeting: Saturday August 5th, 2006

We met again for the second time, at the Yeboahs on Saturday, August 5th,

2006 for our third meeting. Again, it was a meeting of great joy and

spirit-filled discussion. The anticipation of a new beginning continued to

fill us with exceedingly great joy and enthusiasm.

Fourth Meeting: Saturday August 17th, 2006

Sister Mary Adjei and family agreed to host us for the second time. So our

fourth meeting took place in her house. As usual, we were filled

spiritually, physically and emotionally, as everyone freely contributed to

the discussions and the planning.

Fifth Meeting: Saturday, September 2nd, 2006

We met at Sister Kate Owusu's house for our fifth meeting on Saturday,

September 2nd, 2006. Though her husband Brother Grant had not identified

himself as part of us, he was extremely supportive of us and actively

participated in the meeting and the hosting of the guests. On this day, we

had good news. The 1st Presbyterian Church at Irvington was in-charge of

renovating a church facility 844 Sanford Avenue, Irvington with the hope of

renting it out for International Ministries. We quickly contacted them and

an application was sent. At the meeting it was announced that we were

invited to participate in the communal cleaning exercise at the site, to

which we heartily responded after our meeting. This continued for a few more

weeks till we finally got the place for worship.

Sixth Meeting: Saturday, September 9th, 2006

Next, we met at Bro Yeboah-Kordie family house for the sixth meeting. It was

another exciting time as Brother Bismarck, his wife Freda and family

combined resources to host an ever-increasing number of members. The

excitement and enthusiasm kept pumping up as people took the initiative to

pledge financial support for the work of the Lord to take off. With our

place of worship now secure, we began to plan for our first service and what

form it would take. We decided to have a simple worship service full of

praises and joy.

Seventh Meeting: Saturday, September 16th, 2006

Sister Felicia Edusei Sarpong volunteered to host our seventh meeting in her

house. Her husband, Nana Asensu, a Catholic has been a staunch supporter of

our course every step along the way. Therefore, it was to our dismay that

work schedule did not permit him to be present at the meeting. Yet he made

provision for our stay to be as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Again,

new faces joined us at this meeting, thanks to God.

Eight and Final Meeting: Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

Our eighth and final meeting coincided with Pastor Nathan's birthday on

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006. We met at the Brefos in Parlin, New Jersey.

Led by Sister Mary Adjei, the group organized a beautiful surprise birthday

gift for the Pastor. Again, Mr. & Mrs. Brefo did not lower the standard of

reception set before; they kept the level of cordiality as high as possible,

making our last meeting a memorable one. Final preparation was made for the

first Sunday service to be held on October 1, 2006. With great expectation,

we all prayed and thanked the Lord for the way He had led us.

Maiden Service

Words are not enough to describe the atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm that

filled the sanctuary of Sanford Heights Presbyterian Church. We were made to

understand that we would be meeting in the evenings from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

because the facility was being used by two other churches (later became

three). The Pastor, Rev. Nathan Addo-Nartey Preached on the theme, "Delayed

Gratification" from Mark 9:38-50. The attendance on the first day was 87. On

this day, all those who had filled membership application forms and had

attended some of the House Meetings were received into full membership. We

continued to meet in the evenings till December 7th, when our designated

place was ready for use. We are now at the well-furnished and fully

decorated basement of Sanford Heights, where we meet at 10:30 for Sunday

services; 7:00 pm to 9:00pm for Friday Prayer & Healing Services and 7:00pm

on Wednesday for Bible Studies, choir rehearsals and general cleaning. Our

Saturday Bible study meetings continued for sometime till other commitments

required that we changed it to Wednesday. Even now some members have

requested that we return to the Saturdays.

Harvest and Thanksgiving Service

By the recommendation of Rev. Dr. Samuel Arhin, a true friend and supporter

of Ghana Calvary Methodist Church, we embarked on organizing our first

Annual Harvest and Thanksgiving Service. It was four weeks before Christmas

therefore we were left with three weeks to plan something. Only God knows

how that could be possible, but with faith and prayers, led by Pastor

Nathan, a committee was quickly formed headed by Brother Brefo. Members

willingly started pledging in thousands to support the harvest. A week of

teaching and prayers was set aside prior to the harvest day. Speakers were

Rev. Dr. Samuel A. Arhin, Pastor Martinson Sarfo and Pastor Nathan, the

host. The Harvest service was on December 17th, 2006; the service was

spirit-filled as members genuinely expressed their faith and gratitude to

God through giving; singing and dancing abounded. The sermon, "Of Nose-Ring

and Bracelets" based on Genesis 24:10-33 was delivered by Rev. Dr. Ebenezer

Obiri Addo, senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Irvington.

End of Year Get-Together

This idea came to be as we saw the fruitfulness of our joint-labor in

Christ. The church therefore decided to reward the members for their

commitment and hard work. On Saturday, December 30, 2006, we met together

again, invited friends and loved ones to join us celebrate Christmas and

thank the Lord for the good things He has done for us. There was more than

enough food to eat; the place was charged with music and dancing. All thanks

go to the Almighty God, through His Son Jesus Christ our Savior and the

Power of the Holy Spirit, for bringing us into being. We look forward to

more exciting and challenging years of growth in ministry and outreach.

If you would like to worship with the church or become a member, please call

973-371-4420. For more information on the church log on to:

www.njcalvarymethodist.com .

Source: Mr. CNN/Ghana Calvary Methodist Church

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