Ghanaian boxers can’t win fights abroad because of arrogance - Joshua Clottey

Joshua Clottey23 Former IBF Welterweight Champion, Joshua Clottey

Fri, 2 Oct 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Former IBF Welterweight Champion Joshua Clottey has revealed that Ghanaian boxers are unable to win fights abroad due to their arrogance.

Three Ghanaian boxers have lost the opportunity to either retain or win world title fights in the United States in recent times.

Richard Oblitey Commey, Isaac Dogboe and Duke Micah are the recent boxers who have failed in their bid to win fights in the US.

Though many have blamed their losses on unfair officiating, Joshua Clottey thinks otherwise.

Clottey who is one of the country’s world boxing champions asserted that Ghanaian boxers become arrogant when they start earning money from their fights.

”As soon as these Ghanaian boxers get to America and start making a few dollars after fighting they forget to ask questions,” Clottey told Sammy Bartels in an interview on MX24GH.

He added, “They forget to ask for advice from the senior ones. When you call them to offer help they don’t pick up their calls, you can send them messages but won’t get a response.”

According to him, most of the active boxers have stopped seeking advice from experienced boxers.

“Sometimes you need to seek advice from the senior ones because I have fought Zab Judah who was a champion in two different weight classes and was undisputed and won the title,” the former world champion said.

Clottey added, “They have to ask questions, if they don’t understand anything they can ask the senior ones,”

For him, “The boxers that we don’t trust and even know yet are the ones who will become champions.”

Ghana is currently working a boxing world Champion after Dogboe lost his crown to Emmanueal Navarette.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com